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Too tired to run after people 
Which always hid away from me.
 The game of mice and cats 
Is not about my taste. 

Some have believed me innocently 
When I have forgiven, 
Not just once but several times,
 Making my heart compromising. 

They laughed and made mistakes again, 
Believing that I would always stay
 In the same place to forgive them. 

When I left, they accused me
 Of being without feelings, 
But the wounds of the bloody soul, 
Nobody was able to count them.

 Treated like a fool, 
And pushed aside,
 They wanted to drag me 
Through the mud. 

But in me it remained the dignity 
To rise from the bottom 
And to move on. 

Often, you want to help people 
What do not want to be saved, 
And you let them go, 
Living in the wild.


  • Jun 23, 2020

  • Jun 24, 2020

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