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We let things go 
Without struggling.
 Because it is easier 
To give up before trying.

 I bought a ticket away
 From all my failures.
 It is time to give birth 
To my unfulfilled desires. 

All the memories that followed me like a ghost,
 All the wounds that have not yet healed, 
I leave all in the room where I lived. 

I leave behind the cigarettes I smoked, 
The faces I kissed. 
And the smoke will make me 
An invisible person, 
For the people I have met before. 

I tried to write a letter, 
But I locked my heart 
And I can no longer let my feelings 
Control my thoughts. 

I feel the fear of the unknown, 
As it slides through my veins, 
But at the same time,
I feel my happiness 
Guide me away from this place.

 I burn the photos where I was smiling fake, 
Now I want to live in peace. 
Welcome, loneliness!


  • Jun 23, 2020

  • Jun 24, 2020

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