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Back in the human realm, Watson and Kenzo are in the bed.

"Watson!" groaned Kenzo.

"Never expected to hear that kind of voice out of you", said Watson.

"It's all your fault...ahhh!" Kenzo says.

Kenzo and Watson kiss.

A few minutes later, Kenzo and Watson fell asleep and were holding asleep.

From the window, a shadow comes and appears.

The shadow goes to Kenzo, but gets vaporized before it can attack, and it's done by the magician that was protecting Kenzo.

The magician smiles at Kenzo and disappears.

On top of a building, there is a black cloaked person with gloves, top, pants, and boots with a cloak.

"So, he is protected not only by the elf teacher, but a magician a.k.a. a sacred guardian", said Bana. "I'll have to separate them".

Bana disappears.

Back in the mystical world, Jaxtyn and Barak are riding on the phoenix, and head to the mountains.

In the mountains, there is a cave that is nicely decorated with crystals, which peaks Jaxtyn and Barak's interest.

Jaxtyn figures out the crystals are rock candy and Barak tastes it.

Barak points to glowing butterflies and the butterflies surround Jaxtyn and Barak.

Jaxtyn and Barak smile and laugh as the butterflies pass by.

After they leave the cave, they see a rainbow bridge.

On the rainbow bridge, there are unicorns galloping.

The unicorns look at them with glowing eyes.

"They are trying to intimidate us", said Jaxtyn.

"True", said Barak.

Jaxtyn turns into a gargoyle, Barak rides on him, and they head towards the unicorns.

The unicorns run away in terror.

Once all the unicorns leave, Barak rides Jaxtyn flies past the rainbow bridge.

"Why a gargoyle?" asked Barak.

"I find gargoyles the most fierce", said Jaxtyn.

"Interesting, I feel the same", said Barak.

"Great", said Jaxtyn.

"I'm having a lot of fun", said Barak.

"I'm glad", said Jaxtyn.

Jaxtyn and Barak fly away.

In a forest, Kylo and Star are sitting on a branch of a tree.

"So, how close are you and your brother?" asked Star.

"We're those twins that are almost like the same person, if we're alone we are very different", said Kylo.

"Interesting", said Star, kicking his feet.

"What?" asked Kylo.

"It's rare to see twins like that apart", said Star.

"What about it's rare to see a hunted criminal being able to walk freely", said Kylo.

"I'm not a criminal, it's their fault for hunting me", said Star, hanging upside down.

"So, you don't kill on whim.. They just don't get to close, how interesting, how many dates have you been through?" Kylo wonders, while hanging upside down like Star.

"It's too many to count, but long story short none of them last", said Star.

"You go for boys or girls or both?" asked Kylo.

"Both", said Star, then winked. "But, I trick people into thinking i'm strictly gay".

Kylo laughs softly, then becomes loud, and starts falling, Star catches Kylo.

"You got to be careful", said Star.

"I am a tad bit clumsy, Jaxtyn would tell me the same thing", said Kylo, then laughed nervously.

Star kisses Kylo on the lips.

Kylo and Star look shocked at each other.

"Darn it, my body moved, keeping my mind locked up", said Star.

"You just kiss people out of whim like that", said Kylo.

"No, it started happening", said Star.

"When?" asked Kylo.

"100 years ago", said Star.

"How can you say... Nevermind, you used your tongue", said Kylo, touching his mouth.

"Oh, yeah, I'm from France, so I like to do that kind of kissing", Star wink again.

"Well, it's fine with me, but we just met", said Kylo. 

"True, can we forget about this?" asked Star.

"No problem", said Kylo.

Kylo and Star walk into a portal.

Kenzo is running after Watson, with both of them laughing.

"Watson! Wait up!" called Kenzo.

"Awww! Aren't they cute?" a woman pointed out.

"Got ya!" exclaimed Kenzo, as he hugs Watson.

"Yeah, you got me", said Watson. "Here's your prize".

Watson kisses Kenzo on the lips.

"Oh!" gasped The people around.

"We should probably go back to our family", said Kenzo.

"Good idea, they are probably worried", said Watson.

Watson gets a wand from his pocket, spins it and makes a circle.

The circle turns into a full portal.

Kenzo and Watson hold hands and jump into the portal with a smile.

Kenzo and Watson land in the magical city and see their whole family in a restaurant.

"Or maybe not, their eating", said Kenzo.

"Actually, their ordering", said Beau.

"Beau! You can talk", said Kenzo.

Beau licks Kenzo.

Rocco licks Watson.

"You two had a good time on your own?" asked Rocco.

Beau winks.

Kenzo winks.

"You should join them", said Beau.

"Eh! Why not?" Kenzo shrugged his shoulder.

Kenzo and Watson walked into the restaurant and smiled.

Nora walks up to them and whistles.

The whistle brings Beau and Rocco inside.

"Welcome Rocco and Beau, good job on lookout", said Addison, sounding french.

"Thank you", said Rocco.

"Today, we are here to celebrate their marriage and all of us officially becoming a family", said Zoey, holding a glass of wine.

"Cheers!" exclaimed Kylo.

"Cheers!" exclaimed everybody.

Then, they drink together.

"So, did you two do it?" asked Jaxtyn in a whisper to Watson and Kenzo.

Kenzo and Watson nodded.

"Oh, tell me the juicy details", whispers Kylo.

"What are you all whispering about?" asked Nora.

All of them froze.

"So, that means they did do it", said Addison.

"Darn it! I owe you ten dollars", said Mila.

"You betted on us", said Watson.

"Sorry, but yeah", said Mila.

"Who was on top?" asked Zoey.

Kenzo pointed to Watson.

"Darn it!" exclaimed Zoey and Mila.

Zoey and Mila hand five dollars to Nora and Addison.

"We are winners!" exclaimed Nora and Addison.

Nora and Addison high five each other.

They enjoy food together.

Then, they laugh out of the restaurant.


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