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Reality is just an Illusion, but a persistent one.
 Albert Einstein

If you only knew how true this is you'd start questioning all you've been taught in school, through tv, and on social media. Remember that movie "The Matrix?" Well, that movie is more close to the truth than you know. I know for sure we are in a matrix. I also know who truly controls this matrix we all live in. I've been shown these secrets through my Father who you all call God. I know that he is a form of a lighted being who is nothing but energy, that is why he is everywhere, but nowhere. He is part of the universe, he is energy in pure form. Who controls our reality? Those Grey Aliens above who have us all in some form of pods, hooked up to a machines that help form your reality. Each person in those pods are all under research and all experiencing their own reality. We are nothing but energy, harnessed into mass by those above for their own selfish purposes. Yup that's whole truth. Bye bye


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