Imagine Corbyn Besson (part 15): Read Count : 10

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You and Corbyn come  home after staying at a hotel. You go and find Ari your twin sister. You find her and her that you and Corbyn are engaged to each other. When it was dinner time you did not feel well, so you went to the bathroom and threw up. When you were about to go out when someone pushes you back in the bathroom. You look up and see Ari, and she said that "Corbyn said that you threw up last night too". She had two pregnancy tests that were not used.  You use both of them and then waited and half an hour. 

Half an hour over- you are still in the bathroom after the half an hour was up. You look at both of the pregnancy tests and they were both positive. You cried happy tears and yelled for Ari. Ayrrianna sees you crying after running in the bathroom,  you show her both of the pregnancy tests. She screams with you while hugging you. 

You then yell for Jonah to take Ayrrianna to the hospital because her water broke. When Jonah made it to the hospital, the doctors took her to the delivery room and the doctors realized that she is having the baby now and had to go fast.  After having the baby both of the parents got to hold the baby. 

After the baby stayed in the hospital for awhile. Both Ayrrianna and Jonah got to take the baby home and plan their wedding. 


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