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They threw us into the waves of love, 
But they didn't teach us how we can swim before.
 We used our hands trying to save ourselves, 
But we forgot together to succeed. 

Against the waves rising to the height, 
Wanting to swallow us. 
I felt my life on your palms, 
Fragile and worthless. 

I know we won't resist
 Until the cloudy water calms down. 
And the others on the edge have told us, That not everyone passes through this tragedy. 

I hear your voice moving away, 
And I remain in the middle of nowhere. 
My heart is pounding in the body, 
What trembles with every movement- drawing. 

Water floods me, 
But you don't send anyone to help. 
My only joy is that you saved yourself. 
I entrust to you my life. 

I will be the memory,
 What will follow your thoughts, 
Until you will get married. 
Arriving on the shore, 
You left me behind, 
I will be a shadow 
Carried by the water from now.


  • Jun 23, 2020

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