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The sealed destiny 
Makes us fragile in the face of life. 
We are living the life that was written 
Thousands of years ago,
 Before we get permission to open our eyes.

 We start to cry when we are touched by people 
Who pretend to be considered relatives. 
Because they say 
Through our veins flows the same blood. 

When we grow up, 
Never knowing what will happen, 
We are sick of making plans
 And believing in the stories of others. 

Our destiny is imprinted on the palms, 
Traces of the past that remind us 
Of the places where we traveled. 
This is how my destiny was written, 
Fragile in the face of death. 

I constantly search for places 
Where I can feel comfortable 
With what I really am. 

My destiny has been
 Written many times,
 Someone left my heart
 Away from my frame!


  • Jun 23, 2020

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