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(The episode opens with a meteor in the shape of an egg coming towards me, a girl who has curly black hair, brown skin, wearing a red dress and heels reading a book on a bench)

(The egg swallows, me the acid mixes with my DNA, and explodes, leaving me on the ground paralyzed)

(Vageta was swimming in a indoor pool)

(While Vageta was swimming, when he feels a pain on star tattoo, which causes him to transport in the middle of ocean)

Vageta (looks around) (thought): Not again, wait I can breathe underwater

(Vageta swims up and sees a boat)

Vageta (smiles): What luck!

(Vageta climbs onto the ship and sees nobody is on it)

(As he walks deeper, Vageta sees a mess with blood all over and past a door is a wolf covered in blood)

(Once Vageta's shadow covers it the wolf changes into a woman)

(The screen switches to a snowy day when Nezuko and her brother went to get some woods to make a fire, then a shadow appeared behind them, then they got knocked out) 

(Nezuko and her brother opened their eyes to see their in large tubes in a lab)

Nezuko (thought) (looking around): A lab? 

Nezuko's brother: How did we get here?

(The screen switches to the half wolf woman at a convention wearing a blue dress and blue heels as she looks around with a smile)

(The woman is with a group, that is lead to a cave)

(The woman's name is Clyvia)

(Clyvia sees a man who has spiky brown hair, wearing a lab coat, blue shirt, red pants, and white shoes and in quick speed everybody in her group is dead)

(The man's name is Suno)

Suno (looks at Clyvia): So, you are my next experiment.

Clyvia (backs up): Experiment, no way! (Runs away, but gets roped up and gets trapped into a bubble)

(Clyvia hits on the bubble, unable to be heard)

(Suno hits Clyvia with a needle)

Suno: Finally, I made a killer.

(Suno hits a red button, which makes Clyvia disappear)


(The screen shows the tubes open releases Nezuko and her brother)

(Nezuko's brother is Tanjirou)

Nezuko: We're free

(A hand covers Nezuko's mouth)

A person: Sssh! My father will catch me, you need to escape.

(The person helps Nezuko and Tanjirou to a teleportation machine in the shape of a giant TV)

(At that moment a bunch of robots surrounds them)

(The person's father has short black hair, wearing a lab coat, black outfit, and black shoes and the person: he has long curly hair, wearing a white outfit)

(The person's name is Gerry)

(The person's father is Mr. Akine)

Mr. Akine: Why do you always disobey me?

Gerry: Because humans shouldn't be treated like this.

Mr. Akine: As a robot you shouldn't care, I will fix that glitch (snaps his fingers)

(The robots try to take Nezuko and Tanjirou along with Gerry, but fire comes from Tanjirou's hand and obliterates ten robots)

Tanjirou (looked surprised): Whoa!

Gerry (pushes Tanjirou and Nezuko into the machine): No time for that.

(Gerry push a red button, while inside the machine and disappears)

Mr. Akine: Curses

(The screen switches to me waking up in a hospital bed and sees the teleportation machine appear, then Nezuko, Gerry, and Tanjirou come out)

Nezuko: A hospital

Gerry: Odd, I thought I clicked a warehouse (looking into the machine) it malfunctioned.

Nezuko (looking at me): Excuse us

Me: Who are you?

Nezuko: Uh!

(Gerry covers Nezuko's mouth, then scans me)

Gerry: You have a strong range of radioactive energy in you

Me (looks at Gerry): And you're a robot.

Tanjirou: Wait, do  you have powers too?

(I shrugged my shoulder)

Gerry: She does (look at me) look at the back

(I see a cobra tail behind me and I screamed)

Gerry: Relax, the nurse and the doctor will come here.

(I nodded and zipped my mouth)

*A certain sword comes flying in*

Nezuko: (Catches the sword grabbing the blade) Ow.. (Hand is bleeding)

Tanjirou: A sword?

Gerry: Indeed it's a sword.

Nezuko: But why did a sword come in flying?

Tanjirou: We would never know unless we find the person who threw it in here

Me: That person isn't far

Nezuko: I think i can sniff the person.. They must be in this room.

Tanjirou: I think so but lets deal with the bleeding on your hand

Nezuko: Okay

(I touched Nezuko's hand and it heals)

Nezuko: Thanks.

(Tanjirou sees a arrow fly into the room then burns the arrow)

Me: Nice catch (looks at Nezuko) No problem (thumbs up)

(Nezuko Sees a knife flying in then throws a bubble at the knife)

Nezuko: Why are there so many weapons flying in?!

Gerry: We have an enemy that has beaf against us

Nezuko: (Sniff sniff)  I smell other scents around this room and i dont know who it belongs to.

Tanjirou: I feel like a demon is against us trying to kill all of us

Nezuko: I can smell the scent, The demon is hiding somewhere pretending to be another patient.

Me: Then, let's get them

Nezuko: Holy god!

Tanjirou: (Takes out sword for demon slayers) Most of them are demons!

(Nezuko Takes out demon slayer sword)

(Gerry reveals his lasers and I turned my tail into a sword)

(So, we head to the scent of the demon and see nearly a convention)

(We destroyed most of the demon patients)

Nezuko: !


Gerry: Where?

Me (thought): I have a bad feeling

Nezuko: 1KM away!

Tanjirou: Weird, is that the leader?

(Nezuko Sniffs again)

Nezuko: The wind and the scent is telling me that it's the second leader!

Nezuko: The wind and the scent is telling me that it's the second leader!

Nezuko: (sniffs) Male demon.

Gerry: A male demon

Me: What should we do?

Nezuko: *Cat ears move* The sounds of wind are telling me that the power level is over 10000.

Tanjirou: Tho all of our powers levels are only 1000!

Nezuko: That makes Power level 4000!

Gerry: Then, we can't handle him, yet

Me: True, but can we find a safe place

Nezuko: No the wind is telling me that we can handle it if we train for 2 months.

Me: Two months, I can handle that

Gerry: If the wind says so, then let's do it

Nezuko: According to the leaves it sounds  like we have to go to a certain temple and follow the man Urokodaki, He will train us into pro demon slayers.

Gerry: Found the location 

Me: Perfect

(The episode ends with us running)


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