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No one guarantees us the day of tomorrow, 
But we still make plans.
 Forever is just a metaphor
 For the moment we live in.

 If you have something to change,
 Don't hesitate. 
Do not expect something 
That may not come overnight.

 When everyone is busy,
 Waiting in line 
For miracles to happen, 
Until they wake up. 

Life is made to live it! 
Do not postpone moments,
 Pass between them.

 If you are afraid of life 
You cannot learn to enjoy 
About every beauty around your soul. 

Give the volume louder,
 Let the emotions resonate 
With every cell of your body,
 Along with the beats from your heart.

 Be proud of yourself as no one else will.
 Your life will always give you reasons
 To live in harmony with yourself.

 I remind you to live long enough 
Before you start dying. 
Then you will be silenced. 
Without getting the chance to come back. 
Forever is just a metaphor for now.


  • Jun 23, 2020

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