Imagine Corbyn Besson (part 13):⚠️Extremely Dirty ⚠️ Read Count : 8

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The next day you roll out or bed and then land on your butt. Corbyn gets up and asks "are you okayY/N",  you look at him and in a baby voice you say "it is your fault you did it harder and faster so my legs hurt now".  Corbyn helps you up and you all get ready to head back to the Why Don't We  house. When you get back to the Why Don't We house, you see Ari your twin sister. You go over to Ari and tell her everything, she looks and you and screams saying "my baby sister is growing up". 

Night time - Corbyn is laying on the bed pants off, and Corbyn calls you over. You go over to him, and he puts you on the bed face down. He then he takes off your pants,underwear, shirt, and bra off. You now are completely naked and he takes off his underwear and he flips you over, he starts kiss your lips down again. He leaves hickeys on your neck and goes down to suck on your ******, you moan softly and told him "to go faster and harder". He looks at you and goes faster and harder. You moan loudly and stop him.

You said "it's your turn to get punished". He smiles and lays on the bed with you on top of him.  You kiss his lips but then you thought of something.  You get off of him and head straight for his legs. He looks at you in confusion. You then start to suck on his toes and kiss down his legs to his **** leaving hickeys on his legs. You stick your tongue in his a***** and Corbyn moans softly. You go and run your fingers  down his leg and you put your fingers in his a****** . You start to thrust your fingers in him and  he moans so loud that you do it faster and harder. Then Corbyn rolls you over and starts to thrust his fingers in to you, you moaned and he went in and out of you really fast. He then puts is **** in your ***** and hits your g spot several times till you start to chum. You look up at him and you stick your fingers in his a****** again. 

He looks at you confused, you then start to thrust again in him till he starts to cum.  He starts to cum and kisses your lips and he pulls you out of him and he forces you to say his name by putting your toes in his mouth and he runs down your legs leaving hickeys and gose down to your ******. You moan softly and say his name "papi". Corbyn looks pleased and you roll him over one last time with his head on the sheets but you can still hear him., and you force him to say your name. This time you thrust your tongue in him over and over again, and then Corbyn finally said your says your name "mami" while he keeps moaning.

You both lay next to each other and Corbyn puts his arm around you and you lay your head on his chest and you both fall asleep. 


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