Imagine Corbyn Besson(part 12) ⚠️EXTREMELY DIRTY ⚠️ Read Count : 8

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It was the day of your friends Ari's birthday.  And Jonah and Daniel had a big surprise. After cake, it is time for Daniel and Jonah's surprise. Daniel goes first and he said that me and Ari are twin sisters, and today is both of our birthday, you and Ari look at each other and scream. Then Jonah goes and he tells Ari to close her eyes, he got down on one knee and Ari opened her eyes and he asked "will you marry me." Ari said "yes". Also Ari is 5 months pregnant, and she still has 4 more months till the baby comes.

Corbyn walks up to you and askes "Y/N can you will come with me".  You said "Sure". You tell Daniel and Ari that you have to, and they said "okay". 

At the hotel- Corbyn unlocks the room and you go inside. You were watching a movie, when Corbyn comes out of the bathroom with his shirt off. He lays on the bed, and you blush so bad that he knows you like what you see. The next thing you know Corbyn is on top of you and slowly take of your shirt. You let him , and then he starts to kiss your lips down and stopped at your pants.  He looks up at you for permission, and you give him permission.

He takes off your pants and underwear, and then takes off his pants and underwear too. He gets back on top of you and puts his **** in front of you, you look up at him and he said you can do it. You put your mouth over his **** and suck on it over and over. Then Corbyn stops you and goes down to your ****** and he sticks his tongue into you, and you moan softly. Then he looks at you and sticks his **** into you while you moan so loudly. He pushes hard and goes faster, you keep moaning, after he hit your g spot. You both got wet and he stuck his fingers into you and he said "say my name".  You were moaning to much that is was hard to say his name, but you finally did and what you said was "P-p-papi".
Corbyn looks at you all satisfied,  and goes back into you again. This goes on all night.


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