The Way You Make Me,my Only Love Read Count : 5

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It 7pm here 
I’m sitting down and thinking 
How did I get lucky 
Lucky to have you in my life
Smiling as I think about you 
My mind wonder 
Why me 
Why did you choose me 
I sometimes think you are too good 
For me 
I honestly don’t think I deserve you 
But I’m lucky that your in my life 
You gave me feeling that I can’t understand 
You gave me feeling that I never experience before 
I know I’m getting to deep in 
And honest for the first time ever 
I’m scared yet not afaird 
I’m not falling in love with you
Because I’m already am 
When I think about you
I automatically smiles 
I cherish ever moment 
We have 
Thank yuu for coming in my life
I love you my love 
I can’t wait to experience more things with you 


  • Jun 23, 2020

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