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The world has an end, 
The end of her smile. 
 My world will end, 
When she will no longer feel 
The love she feels for me right now.  

But if the pieces of the sky will fall,
 Will she be there to take me to our home?
  To die in her strong arms,
 To kiss me sweet,
Without ever saying Goodbye?

  The earth will shake at my pain,
But it's okay to get hurt
 Sometimes, when you love.

  The world has an end, 
The end of the tears
 In her blue eyes, 
That cried for me in my absence at night.

  It is said that every beginning has an end, 
But I want to be the exception to this rule. 
 If the earth is empty, 
Tell me that love will feed us,
 And all our fears will get break with the lies.  

The world has an end,
 The end of life,
 But you will be there, right? 
 To meet in an endless world
Please let's buy a ticket for two. 


  • Jun 23, 2020

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