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I have been stuck in the heaven
 Since your love flooded my heart. 
 I am stuck in the heaven 
And next to you, 
I knew the taste of paradise. 

 You got stuck in my veins,
 Like a repetitive chorus.  
When I felt weak, 
You lifted me much stronger.  

I am trapped in the heaven 
And here I am alone with you, 
Love flows through the sky, 
Making it blue. 

 I'm stuck in the sky, 
And your laughter makes me laugh too.  
Traces of stars on our lips,
 Long hugs lift me above.  

They say it's a miracle that we met.
You make me feel right, 
Even when I'm wrong.
  I am stuck in heaven,
 Spending my whole life with you.

We hid well... 
No one will find us too soon. 
 I'm stuck in the sky, 
But I feel like a free bird.
You're here and everything is fine.


  • Jun 23, 2020

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