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The first time we kissed,
 My lips melted with your breath.
  The first time we kissed,
  Your eyes melted my heart.

  Your lips whispered the words of love
  That I tasted directly from your mouth,
 Aand the winter so cold
  Warmed me by touching your hands.

 The first time I kissed you,
  It was the last kiss I wanted to feel.
  A kiss I never wanted to end.

  The first kiss was from my first love,
  I no longer felt alone.
 The first kiss was like a tattoo on my heart,
  Leaving my thoughts free,
  Making me fall in love.

  The first kiss...
  How lucky I felt.
  I gave it my first kiss
  Without asking for anything.

  The first time we kissed,
  I felt alive.
  The first time we kissed it was already late.

 The first time we kissed...
 Oh, how many feelings.
 The first time we kissed,
 We were two kids.

 The first time we kissed,
 The rain flowed over us.
 The first time I kissed you,
 I never forget.


  • Jun 23, 2020

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