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   Ever since my youth, I have always enjoyed watching children younger than myself explore the world around them. Looking forward to them solving a mystery or seeing something brand-new for their first time. I was in an IGA store coming from the deli with a package of turkey and ham salad to take home. I heard noises coming around the corner, so I peeked into the aisle seeing Ali youngboy no bigger than a toddler, making sounds of delight and interest at everything he saw. It gave me a feeling of nostalgia, remembering back when I was in the grocery store as a child. The joy I felt sticking quarters and a machine slot and turning a knob to win a small prize, or to put 50 cents in a claw prize grabber and struggle to win. For some reason I never did except a few occasions.
   Even as an adult, I have a thirst for learning and experiencing new things. Sometimes, I wish then I could experience some of the joys that I had already experienced again. Insects, birds, fish, and even people head always interested me in indescribable ways. It's always the nice feeling to be able to have the oppurtunity to look back from the present, even though those times are gone they reside in our heart forever.


  • Jun 23, 2020

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