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It's ending of mid term. Our exam was over. We all were relaxed. It's was 30th September 2016.I clearly remember. I was in 12th standard in Gyan Niketan School ,Patna. Only 4 students left in hostel of 12standard. Others are day scholar . But in class 10,there were 50 students. All of them decided to watch movie. They requested hostel warden and he allowed us to watch movie. It's a big deal for everyone. We weren't allowed go out of the school. We're not even use mobile or any electrical appliances. It's like jail for us. Me, Rahul, Tushar and Vipul are only senior left because we're very nerdy and our parents didn't have trust that we can live outside of the campus. Although we don't have much power in hostel because we're less in number but we had gained lots of respect by teaching them sometimes or playing with them like cricket, football, table tennis, volleyball etc. Also by giving them idea (our past experiences) to escape from the hostel in midnight. It's very difficult ,but students were so frustrated from the food of the mess, they were ready to climb on 15 foot wall without caught in camera. It needs courage, planning, intelligence, experiences.May be story for another time . Still it's big deal to watch movie specially in auditorium on projector. Auditorium was in another building in campus. And when Walking back in flock from after watching the movie through the field to hostel while talking the movie with friends in midnight even gives us nostalgia  today.Its only happens in 2 or 3 times in a year. I'm talking about  one of that nostalgia that will remain with me forever.  In the evening class (6:00 to 8:00pm),one of junior of class 10 came to our class . He said kya mani bhaiya, aaplog abhi bhi padh rhe ho ,exam to khatm ho gya (Why are you guys are studying, if the exams is over) . "We are preparing for board exams", I replied.  We got to know that our hostel warden had allowed us .We were very excited. After dinner, (at 9:45pm)we came out from the mess and went to the auditorium .Besabriya song was playing. Small kids were sitting  close to the projector on the carpet . They had already seen the approx one hour of movie .We took the chair and sit at the backmost, just next to hostel warden. Rahul asked me, what do you think, how will be this movie .I said, the picture name is MS Dhoni:the untold story. And I'm following MS from 2004,when he scored 148 against Pakistan. I was in U.K.G .I know almost everything about him. I had watched his several interviews, read articles and watch news. I want to know what Neeraj Pandey has untold to offer us. (We were chatting because we were waiting for 10 class  hostler to come .)After a few minutes later, they come in flock. One of them asked me, hey Mani bhaiya, please come with us. What are doing at the back. "We're fine here ",I replied. They restarted the movie. I always felt bad for the poor kids that were sitting on the front of projector. They have to rewatch one hour again .Movie was started, it's already 10pm approx. The movie take us to wondeeful unforgotten ride to 3 hours. We came out of the auditorium. Kids also came out with their wing incharge but the hostel warden  and 10th batch were watching another movie. We were walking across the field in the mid night with the cold breeze that try to touch our soul on the way to the hostel. Vipul asked me, so Mani, did you knew  already everything .I said, ofcourse not, there are plenty of things which I don't know, if I hadn't watched this. But, I'm really impressed by the Sushant, the way he portrays MS. It's unbelievable. From the young age to 30s. Apart from that the way he speak ,apna banda lag rha tha yaar ,hum jaise baat krte hai (The way we speak, referring to the bihari accent). I can't imagine anyone in the industry, who can play this  much strong character who is already live and playing for the nation. It's next to impossible for anybody else. Tushar told us that, he had studied from same  school, St. Karen 's (patna) ,where Sushant Singh Rajput had studied. Tushar told us about him, how he come from our area, then went to delhi, got ranked 7 in all India engineering entrance exam and then he courage to choose entirely different career and still he manages to play the stronggest character of Indian Cinema. A light spark flows through my whole body. What a man, yarr. We went to our floor (3rd ) ,back to our room (10).I suddenly feel like wanna see something. Rahul asked me, what happen, where are you going. "I'll come after 2 minutes "I said. I run through the hallway. At the end, there is long window. I sat there on the chair and see outside through windows. Cold breeze try to touch my soul. Everything thing was dark outside except the hoarding of the St. Karen's high school  on its roof which has almost 500 m away from my school .There was lights on the hoarding which is reflecting towards me .I speak to myself, So a man from my area can become star through his hardwork and dedication. Our potential is limitless, we just have know our potential and work on it.  Sushant Singh Rajput was not just inspiration for Bihar but for everyone who can dare to see dream and dedicated to work on it. Your d.., I don't want to use the word, but it feels like a personal loss.A dark spark flows through my whole body when I first heard it . You are an inspiration. And You left us in the the middle of the the to tackle everything. We will not let you down. We will work hard and create another role model for the youth. You will always be in my heart.  I want to share a poem for you bhaiya ::::::::::::
 Humare sitaare, kaha chale gaye  Raat ho chuki hai,
  Hume Tumko  fir dekhna hai
,  Kaha chale gaye, 
Abhi to tumhe aur chamakna tha  Abhi to tumhe bhut kuch krna tha  Jaanta hu bahut kuch kr gye 
Jaanta hu bahut kuch sikha gye  Jaanta hu
 Santosh kr lenge ,
itney me  Yaad rakhenge tumko  Bhulne wali chiz tum thodi ho
 Yaad rakhenge  ..........

Hello guys, This is Mani, writer here from very long time. The last journal that I published here on March 2019.Im quite busy so I can't focus on writing. I'm always grateful to creater of writer outlet for creating such a space for us. I have make many friends here from all over the world. And I assur you all, that I will continue writing journal from this app. Sorry  for my grammar, I write flawlessly whatever came into my head, I will edit it, if I got time and I will translate the poem. Poem should be written in regional language, it should come from heart. 


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