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For the nights we can spend 
Without ending the party.

For the girl who still dance awake, 
Over the cars.
 For the raised hands, 
Let's begin all with a shot.

 Tomorrow we will have
 Memories in common, 
Even if we do not remember
 All the details in between.

 Music is heard from loud speakers, 
The atmosphere changes,
 After we drink another glass of alcohol,
We catch the courage after we quickly 
Set fire to a cigarette. 

For the nights that will come, 
For the boys who think they are irreplaceable.
 Raise your glass up! 
We can turn our memories into something unique.

For the steam of alcohol 
Which rises above our heads, 
Dance regardless of how others dance. 

For the bad times, 
We can now take revenge. 
We sing the songs in the choir, 
The echo is heard in all these empty places. 

For those who are betrayed,
 You must not betray in exchange. 
It is not good to revenge.
 Don't let the sorrows blind the beautiful soul.


  • Jun 22, 2020

  • Jun 22, 2020

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