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For you I crossed miles, 
For you I climbed mountains. 
For you, I fought with those 
What hindering our relationship. 

For you I have endured blows of distrust, 
For you I have accumulated 
A lake of tears across my heart.

 For you, everything I did was real. 
Now I'm trapped in a cell, 
Can you make me disappear? 

Moving me away 
From your thoughts 
May be the easier way to forget my thoughts.

 For you I waited until the last drop of blood. 
And now we are far away, 
Two strangers sharing the same world. 

For you I set the world aside, 
I swam deep waters 
To bring you into my arms. 

For you I lost my mind
 And set my feelings on fire.
 For you I kept my heart 
Alive until my last breathing. 

But you changed your mind daily, 
And for you, I didn't mean anything. 
After so many attempts,
 For me, you were the most valuable thing.


  • Jun 22, 2020

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