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My ears are bleeding, 
Please speak slowly.
 I have heard many lies before you. 

Hands feel pain,
 Because I hug the wrong people 
And I sought love 
Only in desert places. 

They are in a world where only a few 
Are capable of being honest, 
The rest play a role, 
What does not belong to them. 

Tears froze on my face, 
And the sky is dark. 
My life is now like an old train station, 
Without passengers. 

You came and broke me into pieces, 
Leaving my heart in agony.
 Bloody, I had no power to seek salvation, 
My life was yours, 
But you threw it in the garbage. 

Please do not come back,
 Let me suffer alone.
Loneliness is more pressing in two. 

Days colored by the sun,
 The smiles what appeared on our faces,
 Have long since passed. 
Let me die now with my own dignity.


  • Jun 22, 2020

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