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We should stop racism and help poorly treated black people because it's not right treating black people poorly.   And it's totally unfair to treat black people with Disrespect and I won't stand for it no more black people who are hurting by police officer is wrong.  There are black people are dieing do to the police.   I can't see people getting hurt anymore.  Black lives matter stop the pain and suffering of black people who don't deserve this abuse.  The crying black people who are being disrespected and poorly treated with disrespect and no love for them which is unfair and disrespectful  and rude to the black people it's wrong and the police officer are hurting them. Where is the love go?  Black people should be able to live freely.  I think black people should not be judged by race racism is wrong. I feel bad for black people who been abused by police officer's 
I really don't want black people to be hurt by racism.  Where is the love go? Why do black people treated poorly by their race.  I can't see another black people treated poorly due to racism.  Black lives do matter no more pain and suffering of black people.   I feel so bad for people who are hurting by police officer because racism.   Where is the sun of hope?   Why do they have to suffer because of racism.  This needs to stop it's wrong to treat black people with Disrespect police should treat black people with respect.  I can't bear to see the hope is gone.  The children are crying.  I began to  feel sad when George died.  I felt sad  that we have watch black people suffer.  Black people are people who need to be treated like a normal person.  I feel so angry that black people are dieing do to the police. 


  • Oddest  Viner

    Oddest Viner

    Please, just stop, we know black lives matter, of course they matter, you don't have to keep repeating it. I can barely read this thing.

    Jul 17, 2020

  • Christina Simon

    Christina Simon

    no until people get the message

    Jul 17, 2020

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