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The power (electricity)was out all over the town
Tom was in the hospital hoping to be discharged few minutes before the power was out
Some minutes later the light came on bit unfortunately when the nurse entered he found out that Tom  has been stabbed to death
When the police came he suspected 4 people (doctor,nurse, Tom's wife,cleaner,visitor)
Here are their statements;
Doctor;I was attending to a patient when the light went off
Nurse; I was relaxing at the lounge when the power was out
Tom's wife; I was buying some food at the vending machine
Cleaner; I was relaxing at the in the staff room
Visitor; I was out to check why the light went off
Who says writters can't solve mysteries d biggest mystery solvers cause we solve with the same brain we use to make an amazing story
.... Let all have some fun
Who killed Tom
Comment on the section below your answer and your reasons
#Let have some fun#


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