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Problems that arise seem to come back to me.

Never ending loop played on rewind.

“Same Shit, Different Day.”

I am in way of what ever,

I am not getting it so they say,

I am living my “here an now” wrong.

I am not plain worth it.

Whatever I feel is has no meaning.

Whatever I do is not likeable or loveable.

Whatever I am is unexceptable.

Judgemental people all around.

Judgemental feelings are wrong.

Judgemental decisions are false.

Judgemental words are hurtful.

Stacks of unacceptance theories.

Stacks of my mind is unaccepting.

Stacks of myself are disgraced.

Stacks of my emotions are unstainable.

My whole life been altered against me.

My whole life I been railroaded by many.

My whole life is perceived with,

difficulties of a sense of sarcasm.

Doubting me in all that I am an do.

Doubting my beliefs, my morals, an my principles I live by.

Doubting who I should be.

Doubting me “here an now.”

I was lost in a deep dark world.

I am only one who pulled myself back to the light.

My intuition is what saved me.

My philosophy is what keeps me sane.

My knowledge comperhends by my experiences.

My premonitions others will never understand.

“Dreams choose you, you do not choose your dreams.”

This is why “mystery of mind “ is a powerful thing.

Sources of the life choose you,

It the choices you as a individual makes,

is the conclusion to the end of my life.

“The final outcome is what matters at the end.”

I am strong in willpower of my soul.

I am proud of my accomplishments.

I have learned from the twisted experiences.

I have become a better person on my own.

If thy fall short, 

I only can make it right with myself.

Me, Myself an I are what matter most.

My soul is unbreakable.

My physical is how I was molded by my higher power.

My mental process is unique.

Those who can not accept me or respect me,

“It is there problem not mine.”

“Take me as I am or not at all.'

“I arise every day determined to improve myself.”

“I refuse to fall backwords into that deep dark world again.”

Being someone in this world has no belonging to me.

Being someone in this world is a fake version I do not want to be.

I need to stay true to myself,

I need to stay strong in my beliefs,

I need to guard my heart from hatred.

I need to be me.

I accept that I am not perfect.

I accept that I am not beautiful.

I accept that I am not commandable.

I accept I have flaws.

In the end I know I stayed true to myself.

In the end I know I stayed loyal.

In the end I know I stayed loving.

In the end I know I stayed a prominent person,

in certain peoples lives.

The saying;

“I do what I want, When I want, How I want, Whom I want.”

I stayed true to this.

All other petty little complaints,

All other petty disagreeable subjects,

All other petty ugliness,

All other petty thoughts, actions an beliefs,

Never truly ment anything.

It the bigger picture I have created for myself,

It the bigger picture I have helped others,

It the bigger picture I made my life at the end.

“Is what Matters.”

One day I be in my black rose.

My soul will remains “Loving an Strong.”

My soul will remains “Happy an Free.”

Most of all I know that my higher power accepted me.

Most of all I know that my higher power loved me.

At the end that is what matters to me.


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    Jul 17, 2020

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