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Safe place visualization

Strength, connect to positive beliefs.

My safe place is unthinkable, untouchable an unnknown.

The civilization is forgotten silence.

The river flowing to my ears.

The cabin I make is my dwelling.

The sounds of a owl is for my protection.

The days are endless nature earth of beauty.

The nights are endless wonder of the night sky.

As I sit on my porch looking at the sky,

day or night.

Peace is what I want around me.

No worries of the world.

Unknown soul that I am,

Is wanting an deserving of this utopia.

No money, No drama an complete freedom

of my self worth.

No feelings of misleading information,

that world is now known for.

Complete an utter silence from all the world events.

No person saying;

“that I am unworthy of this life.”

Free essence of pure happiness.

No life burdens as many seem to think I am.

No life upsets to dismember my soul.

No life distraction to interrupt my surroundings.

No life obsticles to split my emotions in all different ways.

I'm someone that just want to live in peace.

I'm someone that just want to live in happiness.

I'm someone that just want me, too be me.


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