Bad Boy||Daniel Seavey(Part 2)⚠️warning Dirty ⚠️ Read Count : 20

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
You still singing until you heard a noise and turned around to see the boys were standing there with Zach on the ground “How long where you guys there for!?” You say as you seen Daniel staring at you but Jonah then spoke up"For a while until Zach fell"He said punching Zach's arm gently and Zach laughs"Sorry!!" He laughs again and dance l walks up to you and kisses your head “You have a beautiful voice baby girl” you smile and blush a bit"thank you baby,  but we better get some sleep, we got school tomorrow” you say looking at the boys “Well me, Zach, Jack and corbyn gotta go somewhere for a bit so you and Daniel will be alone”Jonah said as you nod and the Boys left as you and daniel go to the bedroom but he locks the door and you smirk at him “I see where this is going,  but you gotta be gently it's only my first time” Daniel nodded as you guys started to make up

Daniel then starts to take your shirt off and you do the same as he lays you on the bed and kisses your neck, chest, and stomach as he heads down and takes your pants and underwear off and looks up at you for permission,  you then nod at him and you close your eyes as he begins to lick your 🐱 and you moan softly as he then starts to eat you off and you were a moaning mess and you grip the sheets as you finally cum and he licks it all up and you smirk as you flip him over and goes down to his 🍆 and he nods at you for permission and you begin to give him head and he was a moaning mess until he finally came in your mouth as you swallowed it and he pulls you and lays you back down and he slowly slides his 🍆 inside your 🐱 and you bites your lip because it hurt a bit but he then started to thrust slow and you moaned inside his ear “Faster daddy” he looked at you with a look to make sure and you nodded at him and he then started to thrust faster and kisses your neck while trusting and you were moaning loudly every time he hit your g-spot and you guys did that for an 1 hour and you guys finally came together and he pulls out slowly and you guys get up,  you go take a shower and get out and you did your night routine and you put shorts and t-shirt on and get in bed with daniel after he unlocks the door and had his boxers on and you cuddles and the Boys got home and went to bed


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    Aug 05, 2020

  • Aug 05, 2020

  • Hmmmmmm (reading) Oh no😂😂 Why did I read this entire story, wiyhout hesatation or stopping? 👏

    Aug 05, 2020

  • also u wish that was you and Daniel doing that. Aslo he is going to do it so hard the you will not feel your legs. Also You will cum and enjoy it so much that you will do it every day with him.

    Aug 07, 2020

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