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   Many of you have wondered a great deal about the man wearing this mask. I am a young man from a world very different yet similar to your own. I was born with a genetic disease that has changed my life and some are not necessarily bad. It opened my eyes to having empathy, yet I faced other challenges such as emotional and mental abuse. Sometimes I face these challenges on a daily basis still. The solemn kindhearted person you know is the mysterious result of my coping with fate.
   In my youth I struggled as a boy with muscular dystrophy having difficulty sitting up in fourth grade. A special chair was built to help me reset my posture and allow me to rest my arms after writing for a period of time. Facing physical difficulty in school, I can say they were not prepared to work with someone like myself. They tried to manage as best as they could, but neither had the resources or training to work with a person who struggled with the physical part of class studies. With that said, many of my teachers knew I was more mentally aware and capable often doing basic math in my head before they could finish the probems. Unfortunately, the physical aspect of class studies makes most of the grade.
   As I got older, I took an interest in working with children. During my second year a paraprofessional education training, I worked with a number of English speaking international students becoming their "Brother". After befriending most of them I was invited to be introduced to the families with open arms. Surprisingly no issues had developed and I seemed to have earned the title of honorary big brother which encouraged them to expand a program to get the internationals a big brother/sister to help make them feel welcomed and comfortable at the college.
   After I graduated, I struggled with finding work and after I had started one month later a strange mass was discovered in my kidney. For awhile, I took tutoring jobs and ended up stopping due the increased amount of pain I was dealing with. This went on for several years, and finally purchased a phone and started writing again. In my youth, I used to write all the time, but an altercation between me and my father caused me to stop writing. One of the many times he had negatively influenced my life.
   After writing for a while, I got an opportunity about a year ago to work on a story-based musical for a band which I will not yet name due to the uncertainty of whether they buy it. I hope they do, because of the time.and effort which I put into the piece. I honestly believe the musical will draw laughter, sorrow, and romance from your hearts. I am hopeful this becomes a success. Meanwhile, I have taken odd jobs and SSI due to my Dystorphy to survive.


  • Jul 17, 2020

  • Jul 17, 2020

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