Every Single Stone Remains In Calm Read Count : 17

Category : Poems

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Someone, every moment, with a dagger in hand,
Must have fear planted in mind's land.

Even after being struck by gusts of storms,
Abode of my sentiments alters not in norms.
There rests only one season of dejection there,
Seeking guests like peace and solace everywhere.
It's because my ours made me split,
The louder I scream the harder they hit.

Truly every single stone remains in calm,
And for mirror's pain and suffering there is no balm.

I am fully fed-up with that deceptive bride,
Who this is, dwelling in entire me inside.
Careful perusals on every question provide,
That every problem hides it's solutions inside.

Sanjay Narayan Nectar


  • Jul 17, 2020

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