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He then addressed the latest Biobot data, which is derived from measuring RNA samples in the county’s wastewater.

“The data from the end of June showed a big surge in activity," he said. "We’re still not sure how to interpret Biobot data. It’s still relatively new technology. I’m really interested to see what the 

latest tests show that was collected over this last weekend.”

He added the if it does have some predictive value, it helps the health department gear up for potential outbreaks. The problem, Rehwaldt explained, is that people may produce a lot of viral material a long time after they are infectious. He believe this can confound reports from time to time.

I came across this on a news app that reports our local news and this scares me because why are they testing water to prepare for a Covid 19 outbreak? I think I just found out how it is truly spread... In our drinking water 


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