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                          This is just probably a few of my own thoughts on the world  and the material things in the world. Have you ever just say back without saying a single word and just observed how people around you are about all of the material Bullshit that they have became more obsessed with the material Bullshit instead of what obviously should be Way More Important to them then they're Material Bullshit that they happen to have themselves surrounded by which should be their Loved Ones like their Children, their own family's, because just stop and just think how you as well as myself had came into this very cold, lonely Fucked Up World, we all had came into this Very Cold, Lonely Fucked Up World with Absolutely Nothing Besides Our own Mother's Warmth as well as Her Love as well as the Most Special Thing in the world I think other than us mother's who had brought life into this world which is the bond between a new born baby and their mother, I don't even think that anything could ever come close to the feeling of that special bond that you and your mother had the very second that you had came into this world. I could possibly be wrong on this and if I am than please please correct me if I'm wrong but my own beliefs that even if you happen have been adopted right after you had been born that if not your own biological mother that had given you life then I think  you and your adopted mother and yourself had that exact kind of bond someway somehow, the only reason for me to think that  that if you don't have that special kind of bond that only a new born baby and it's mother could ever have  and happen to be adopted that you would have that same exact kind of bond with your own adopted mother because you figure that more than likely you're adopted mother was more than likely the very first woman possibly even the very first person that you happen to see after coming into this very cold lonely as well as very fucked up world so as far as you would know going through your own life you probably won't ever know that I the only woman that you have known all your life as your one and only mother as long as no one had ever told you or had given you any kind of suspicion that you could had very well had been adopted , Maybe even if they did happen to tell you that you had been adopted or even gave you any suspicion that you had been adopted you are more than likely Are Not Going To Look At That Woman who You Had Known as your one and only mother who had given you life because without this special woman in your life you you probably wouldn't be right where you are right I this very moment you could very well be either be in a worst place, situation let alone even possibly even dead whoever knows where anyone of us that are alive would possibly be right This moment in our own journeys of our lives if we hadn't had gone where we all have been in our journeys in the past in which have not only have made us who the fuck we are today but I can guarantee that none of us would be right where we are right this very moment let alone our own journey in the future as well everyday that we are to be blessed to wake up with our.loved ones, our families, a roof over your heads, food, running water,shelter, heat for the winter and a way to cool yourself down during the Extremely Hot Summer days then there REALLY SHOULDN'T BE ANYTHING ELSE THAT SHOULD EVEN MATTER TO YOU OTHER THAN that you and your family as well as your loved ones are safe and healthy, because we will ALL BE LEAVING THIS VERY COLD, LONELY FUCKED UP WORLD JUST THE SAME EXACT WAY THAT WE ALL HAD CAME INTO THIS VERY COLD, LONELY FUCKED UP WORLD, WHICH IS JUST OUR MOTHER FUCKING BIRTHSUITES AND NOTHING ELSE EXCEPT FOR WHEN ALL OF YOUR LOVED ONES AS WELL AS THE PEOPLE WHO EITHER CARED ABOUT YOU OR THEY RESPECTED YOU FOR YOU JUST BEING YOURSELF OR MAYBE THEY EVEN LOOKED UP TO IF NOT ALL OF ABOVE SAY THEIR GOODBYES FOR THE VERY LAST TIME. These are just a few of my own thoughts on the world and the material things in the world. I just hope that you all have enjoyed reading my thoughts on the world and their own walls that they have built with all of their own material Bullshit.


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    Jul 17, 2020

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