Zodiac Sign Relationships Read Count : 25

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : YoungAdult
Scorpio  :  gets turned  down  by every girl he asks.
Libra  :  keeps  flurting  with  Pisces . 
Piscies  :  keeps talking  about  Anime  and ygioh . 
Cancer  :  keeps having  to get up because  his little  sister  keeps  opening  cancers  bedroom  door . 
Leo :  "Where's her bubble  guppies  DVD ? ”   I'll  put it on for  her,then I'll get  back to  putting  it  on  for  you  cancer !"
Capricorn  :  got brought  home  to  her mom in nothing   but a towel  because  she was  skinny  dipping  in her secret boyfriend's  pool and  the boyfriend's  mom doesn't  approve . 
Gemini  :  perfect couple , unless  their high af . 
Virgo  :  over protective  younger  sister  found  out  where Aquarius  snuck out  to.
Aquarius  :  you saw nothing  Virgo ,Aries  and  I  were just  play fighting .  Okay, don't  tell  mom and  dad . 
Virgo  tells . 
Aries  :  great  I'm grounded for  a month  because  I didn't  use a condom . 

                                             ONE MONTH LATER  ...
AQUARIUS  :  Aries  I have something  to  show  you , I took this test this morning , I think  we'll  both  be  grounded  for about the next 8 months . 
ARIES  :  I thought  1 month  of no talking  with  you  no looking  at  you  was bad I don't think  I can go 8 months  without  you . 


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