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I can feel when you are sad, 
I can feel when you are happy.
Let me be the right person,
 With whom you can share all your emotions. 

 Don't worry,
 You will find me by your side when you need it the most.
 Don't worry, 
I will be by your side when everything will be worse.  

I can see you're scared, 
Tell me the truth, dear.  
Do you think that when you will call me,
 I won't be there for you? 

 Wherever you go, 
Whatever you do, 
I will be by your side
I will be there for you. 

I can feel your heart trembling, 
I can count your tears.
I can fulfill all your dreams, 
Please stay here with me. 

 I can read your heart, 
I can guess your thoughts.
Even when you think you are alone,
 I will be by your side.


  • Jul 16, 2020

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