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You used my heart like a cigarette,
 Burned it to the filter and then threw it,
Leaving the ashes on the dancefloor
 And going away with another girl. 

 You used my heart like a mantle, 
Only when it was raining. 
When you felt good,
 You forgot that you would need it someday. 

 What is meant to be, 
Will happen.
 I will smile even if I see you
 With another person, being happy. 

 Please don't treat everyone
 The way you treated me.
 All the words you said hurt me
But now everything is fine, 
Please leave and never come back.

  You have always used me,
 Don't look for reasons now, 
It will take me time
 To regenerate my heart.


  • Jul 16, 2020

  • Jul 16, 2020

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