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Life has taken me for a ride that taught me a brutal lesson ,yes call me evil I really don't care ,I never meant to end up like this but surely life brought me here ,it has taught me to be brutally selfish and I don't care who gets hurt with my selfishness the bottom line I will be aggressively selfish about my self ,I have tried to be selfless but I always got hurt at the end ,hence now on wards I will put myself first,my happiness matters more than yours,my inner peace is more valid than anyone else's ,I will love myself before I love you,ensure that am pleased before I even look your way ,I will not hesitate to go on vacation just because you are broke,its now about me and no one else ,all my life I tried to make people appreciate me but not this time ,its me appreciating myself ,enough of forgiving people who don't forgive me ,I will forgive myself and live my life ,I will definately wipe away my tears first before I get more tissue to wipe yours,my sit will be in the VIP and I ain't going to bother about where you sitting ,it could be on the floor I won't care less ,I will throw you out the very first moment you cross my path ,it has happened to me I survived ,I wouldn't care about your misery it does not affect me ,call me evil I won't get hurt coz' am just being brutally selfish ,and thus what life has taught me ,I will bluntly not listen to you but myself ,no one listened to me ,I was judged and sentenced without my story being heard ,so why should I hear your own thus how selfish I have become ,I will come first always and you after me ,you can't smile before I do ,I won't let that happen ,thus the brutality of life's lesson ,I will tolerate myself and maybe tolerate later,I will clean myself before I consider your cleanliness ,coz' this life is now about me no one else ,if my dog bites you trust me to check if it's teeth are still intact before I check your wound,Call me a witch it dont matter life bewitched me first ,I will take from you even if it will hurt you ,I will turn a blind eye to your pain ,they all did it to me ,I have no feelings for anyone else besides myself ,i carry pity for my soul and most likely none for you ,its me ,me and forever me ,I will shut you out without feeling an once of
 regret ,i have experienced it so it has become a part of me.


  • Jul 16, 2020

  • Aug 06, 2020

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