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I want to do something different,
Today I am writing about colours,
And kind of love they might represent,
And it feels kind of weird just writing this,
And for real I am getting goosebumps.

Let me start with the blue love,
This kind of love is very deep,
But most of time is one-sided,
I like to call it the friend zone type of love,
And trust me,it requires a miracle,
For this kind of love to be reciprocated back.

Then we have the green kind of love,
I know it is the nature colour,
And its beauty is really awesome,
But this is the jealous kind of love,
I might be persuaded to also say,
It represents an insecure kind of love,
Take care you dont get to this stage.

Ever heard about the orange love,
This love is kind of funny,
It is the I love you kind of love,
But that does not want to be intense like the red love,
Friends with benefit can relate to this,
Let us just say it feels like an entanglement.

Now let me talk about the red love,
This love is intense and full of emotions,
This is the I will do anything for you kind of love,
A love that is represented by blood,
For people have killed for this kind of love,
Its the fiery love that cant be put out easily.

And know to my favourite kind of love,
This is the truest and purest kind of love,
The eternal kind of love cause it has no end,
I am talking about the black love,
The love that is beautiful and mysterious,
The love that cannot be stopped,
Because it has strong bonds.

I dont know what you think,
But I wont mind hearing your opinion,
I just hope you have the love you want,
And if not,worry not it will come,
Cause love happens to be very patient,
So have a very colourful and lovely day😀😀😀


  • This made me smile. Creative. Well done! 💜

    Jul 15, 2020

  • Wow,this poem rocks.Its very outstanding.

    Jul 15, 2020

  • Jul 15, 2020

  • Jul 16, 2020

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