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I had a respect for that God

 But fashion was very insulting to me.

 I had to achieve my share

 But my fickle mind was very moving.

 Even if I have not seen Surat

 But my guess was exactly ...

 What is he given except this body

 Who was proud of himself was crushed.

 Only two clock will stop her

 This was my vow to God.

 People are under my threshold

 Mine was a small house like the others.

 How can i put someone on my heart

 My heart was unaware of everything.

 How can i decorate again

 My sight of memories was also lifeless.

 I am carving day and night

 But my self did not disappear.

 I had lost my course

 The knowledge that brought me was mine.

 Those beautiful memories never came back again

 My heart was a strange pain.

 I did not become unlucky Rahbar nor Nasir

 What was left was my payment.

 I used to wipe out this body

 But I forgot there was a loss in it.

 The relationships that I wanted were baseless

 I knew that he was the Sultan.

 May God always bless Mukesh's progress

 You had all my knowledge.


  • Fabulous.

    Jul 15, 2020

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