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Those watery tears 
 from my eyes
My little bulgy eyes always red has a result of them
Living two lives with no one understanding both
I am scare of letting the stories out to the world before me
I prefer one live to the other
I least prefer the other one because I don't really interact
Because I have problem relating with others 
And I have trait of introversy;introvert
If you know me in my least prefer live you would classify my life has boring
But if we are close I would share the craziness of my most prefer live with you
Well my least prefer live contains a lot of emotional issues
I feel lost and unwanted
I feel I have to start sharing the craziness of my most prefer live with it
But that what I have being saying for ages now
I feel alone in both lives 
        Corona break
I had a talk with my self
I listened to my inner mind
And I realise I have to be free
I have to break the cages of depression, shyness, emotional issues 
I realise that I can prefer the least preferred live
By living it fully
By interacting
By playing along with it
I don't want to be that person any longer
I want to be an open-minded, interactive, and intelligence person
I don't want ppl to only want to be friend with me because if my intelligence
I don't want to be silence in classes
I want to have my own friends 
     I hope, I hope
Part two is coming
There is going to be a twist in both lives
Pls feel free to critise
       Don't forget to write and comment🙋🙋
 Love y'all 💜
I purple you




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