The Girl Called Liema Read Count : 14

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Sub Category : Fantasy
Liema was a young girl who lived with her mother and her two brothers and her sisters children boy and the girl didn't have that much friends but she had 4best friends who she would talk to them when she had trouble at home also Liema had a best friend her best friend is her brother her brothers name is Aviwe they did know each other pesonal they talked about everything but  not everything like boyfriends and other things they talk a lot about music and movies liema loved talking but sometimes she would end up a lot talking about herself but she loved people a lot but not that much when she comes back to school she would take off her clothes A and watch TV as usually her mother worked as a domestic worker to fill some thing in their stomachs and she only wanted only the best for her and her big brothers liema was a very funny child the was this song she loved so much its called BED which was sang by her beloved singer Ariana Grande she love her lot no one was like her she was a south Africa big fan of hers  she loved her so mucheven sometimes when she goes to sleep she would take her headphones listen to her song but her song of ariana grande she loved so Mich was side to side  she only loved songs that are samg coming from the heart and she would feel the SME thing the singer and songwriter felt when they wrote and sang the songs in her heart and she had this big dream of hers that she would go to America and have a chance to sing with ariana grande 


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    Jul 14, 2020

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