REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT Book#1,Chapter#19) Read Count : 18

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Sub Category : Fantasy
Then Balvin said "Oh now i get it! When Hatrex disable spirit of Dark Knight into me the Lighting Blade returns to its tomb and Balzing Blade is in this tomb! I was Dark Knight. I think i can unlock the spirit of Red Knight!" But Della was confused. Whatever they entered into the tomb of Santora. Everything looked spooky and historical. Della sa something written on a wall. She stopped and started read it. And then Balvin finally found the trident of Santora. He walked towards it. And he saw a big skeleton with a battle armor which  holds the Balzing Blade. Della found a thing after reading. She immediately tried to stop Balvin but its too late. When Balvin tried to hold the trident a visport pushed him backwards and he crashed with a wall. After some time Della came there and ran towards Balvin. She sat down and put his head on her legs and started shaking his face with her both hands. She said "Wake up Balvin wake up! Please" Della felt so alone and sad and she started crying too. And then Hatrex came there and laughed loudly. He was flying in the air. Della stood up and ready her self for fight. Then Hatrex said "See i told you he is no deserving anything he doesn't even know only a lave can touch it and a worthy laven can control its power. I can't use its power but i can snatch all 5he power of this trident so leave my way half breed" After listening it she remembered a thing. She through two majical fire balls on Hatrex and  ran towards the trident. She took a deep breath and hold the trident and said "Real foul is you. Iam also a half laven" Then she lifted up the trident and got ready to fight. Then Hatrex said with a smile "But you are not worthy. You can touch it but only a real worthy laven can control its power" Then Hatrex put out the majical staff of majic God. And flew towards Della. Della ran towards him indeed. Then both mighty wepons clash with each other and they both skated backwsrds. It was the mighty trident. It have its grace without activation. Then the fight so long but Hatrex was just playing with her. Finally he made a big ball of evil fire and through it on Della through his magical staff. That atack was so powerful. Della made a force field but it can't stopped it and Della got injured. She fells away and 5he Balzing Blade fells down too. Hatrex laughed loudly and said "I can kill you right now but first i will kill your beloved king and husband" Hatrex picked up the trident and lifted up it for killing Balvin. Della yelled loudly with tears "Nooooooo!" But then that magician who talk with King Helorrx in hospital  through the mighty shield towards Hatrex. Hatrex fell and got smashed with a statue. Della ran towards Balvin and tried to woke up him. But when she saw him she were shoked because he was her brother who died since 5 years. She stood up and said "But you were died in front of my eyes!" The name of that magician was MAX. Max smiled and replied "Not only you know magic now you see me" Hatrex stood up in anger and through the Blazing staff towards Max. But the trident stopped on front on him. Max hold that trident and said "Lets increase the heat!" Then that trident started glowing and the battle armor of Santora made him Red Knight the God Of Fire.



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    Aug 01, 2020

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