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When someone asks me
 How I can live without you,
 I tell them that I have learned
 How to manage my breath away from your air. 

 When someone asks me
 How I was able to forget you so quickly,
 I tell them that love 
Can never be forgotten. 

 I was afraid we would get here,
 From the start so quickly to the finish.
  But I hope you do better without me. 
 Yes, I hope you're better off without me.  

You didn't know what to do with my love, 
I didn't know what to do with your soul.  
We both didn't know how to act, 
And we turned "Hello my love"
 Into a simple goodbye.

  I was weak when I had uncertainties, 
Now I am strong enough to live without love.  
I would never have thought that I could lose,
 Until everything changed
 And your love turned into dust.


  • Jul 14, 2020

  • Jul 14, 2020

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