I Kept A Piece Read Count : 15

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I kept a piece of my heart for you,
 Maybe someday you'll need me.
  I give you a piece of my touches 
To soothe you when you will needed. 

 I kept my smiles for you, 
I always want to see your smile,
 I kept my good thoughts
 When you will see the life in black.

  I kept my soul, 
To warm your cold nights, 
I asked the sunny days
 To melt your heart.

  I kept my heart beating, 
So that you could live longer,
 I kept the emotions for you,
So that you could love more the another.

 I have kept my voice for you 
For the days when you will not be able to speak, 
I have kept all my love for you, 
Like a bottomless sea
 That will flow over your needs.


  • Jul 14, 2020

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