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I had used my laptop 

ever since I lived in Kirkland,

the first day we first move into

this enormous house, 

I had kept it in my bedroom 


Can I find somewhere else to hide it? 

I usually use it for a reason 

the month grow past, 

there a couple of times 

you begun to sneak in, 

take my laptop begin to use it 

I’ve no tolerance of your action. 

Why are you doing this to your big sister? 

I ask you a question do you know where is my 


You don’t want me to found it

you begin to lied to me, 

you say to me it’s still broken when it’s fix 

I’ll give back to you”, 

a couple of days rolls around 

she told me that you take my laptop, 

without I noticed 

anger waves begin to rose up 

I can’t believe it. 

How come you have lied to me? 

You’ve hurt my feeling

takeaway my laptop without telling me, 

and now you’re using it 

I regret of having you as my sibling, 

I’m disappointed at you 

what you did was unacceptable. 

Can you just stop lying to me? 

Tell me the truth 

my heart break into a thousand pieces, 

I hate when you lie to me 

wish I have downloaded a spying device, 

check on you every single day. 

Why you’re doing this? 

I hate the action of yours 

he wants me to have my laptop, 

to watch a movie 

look at you using it for a long time, 

tolerance of your action 

make me boil of anger. 

How could you do this to me? 

I’m sick of you take my laptop 

without my permission,

you have lied to me about it. 

You should’ve not lied to me

I’m ashamed of having you, 

if you’ve told me the truth 

I won’t be that angry at you,

look at you make me feel this way 

should’ve not lied to me at all. 


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