When I Want Read Count : 43

Category : Poems

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Our dreams come true when the waves reach the shore, 
Our kiss will stick to our bones and we will be able to speak, using the same tongue.  

Our hands will melt our souls
 And the rays of the sun will caress our face.
  In the morning, sleepy, 
I will try with the same kiss to cover your lips.

 You turned me on
 When the light went out, 
You whispered to me that you loved me, 
When I was already asleep.

  In your arms I got lost 
And I found myself in your chest, 
Your eyes meet my tears.

  Our dreams come true
 And I smile at you happily, 
After the sky lit up for us
 I can found you close to me.

  I take you with me in my dream, 
I don't want to miss you, 
To be closer and closer to you
 When I want to kiss you.


  • Jul 14, 2020

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