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Hallways of Boxs

Walked into a darkness from street lights.

Glass doors open in front of me.

A lady says; “Welcome, Come on in!”

As eyes look around; 

Boxes made of a maze,

Give's me a strange chill.

I decide to go to turn out the glass door,

The Lady smiles, says; “You could stay and work, Get paid!”

The thought is very tempting offer,

As I know I could use the extra money.

But, something in my gut instinct tells me,



So I decide I goin to leave.

As I come to the glass sliding doors.

They transform into plexiglass doors,

right before my eyes.

The Lady says; “Aww, I'm sorry doors are shut for the night,

won't open til morning.”

I just looked stunned,

As I smile to be polite.

Breathe a breath.

Ask; “So guess i'm stuck here,”

“I guess I work.”

The Lady says; “Here the start of maze”

Points to the entrance right in front of me.

“You will see paper signs that will lead the way.”

“Instrunctions what is needed to be done to go through it to other side.”

“Mind you she said' Goin to the back room.”

“Once your there Orientation will begin.”

“Be careful not to hurt yourself.”

“Once you go through means you successfully finished,

the requirements of this test.”

“Good Luck!”

“See you soon!”

“Thanks” I said politely.

Now, over lookin the surroundings.

Creeper radar intensfies.

But, I venture to open entrance with paper arrow says;


All boxes stacked on top of eachother through a hallway width path.

To the right is “CLUE” envelope says, 

“Big Lots”

So I grab it, open, read it.

Says; “Lift one bottom box from the side”

“Place it on the top on the across wall.”

“Then find next instruction clue.”

Easy I think to myself.

No problem.

Start to walk down Hallway of Boxs.

Path come to a “LEFT” or “RIGHT” with a blinking light between.

I start analyzing,

“Do not want to take wrong path,

find something or dead end into the unknown.”

How it feels.

Still feel that creeper radar gut instinct.

So I decide to walk “LEFT” 

Just down the path box wall to right came to instruction clue.

This one says; 




Think to my self, common sense this color code test.

Maybe hard for a color blind person.

Test of color sight comes to mind.

Analyzing before I choose:


Blue shelf,


Green shelf,


Red shelf,

When my matrix thinking kicks in.

I snicker to myself,

Blue pill or green pill or red pill.

So I start thinking out side of the box concept.

“Blue-One”: Easy.

“Green-Two”: Medium.

“Red-Three”: Hard.

Trying to complimate what tasks could be.

But guessin or analyizin unknown give anyone a headache.

So I think of it like,

“Let's Make a Deal”

“Curtain one, Curtain two, or Curtain three!”

as Wayne Brady says.

So I go with middle “Green-Two” Medium.

“Pray that is not a ZONK.”

Hyperthetically of course.

I take “Two” open it.

Says, “DETOUR”

Take down as fast as you can as many boxes down

from Hallway of Boxs path before 

the light “LEFT” “RIGHT”

light beeps an goes out.

If you get all boxes down a space should be opened to a short cut.

If do not find the short cut in time lights will go out.

You have to complete rest of the task in the dark.

Once get to the sign light will blink,

will blink for 30 secs,

until get to next instruction clue.


“Good Luck!”

“You may need it!”

So I am like,

'Well this should not be hard for me to complete,

I think to myself.

So I start taking boxes down from the Hallway of Boxs.

There about average size of boxes.

Take four at time from each side..swappin back an fourth,

As fast as I possible can.

Probably only few mins, felt like long time.

Arms aches start from liftin many boxes.

Eventually I found this hole.

Round tube like of paper towels.

As big as a man hole in the street.

I'm thinkin to myself;

“How does that seem like a short cut.”

I heard this beep...beep...beep..continously.

So I whisper;



Feet first as I climb into the paper towel hole.

Lights flashed out in one gush.

Everything vanished behind me.

I was sucked into felt like a vacuum tube,

just made out paper towels.

“Going to a unknown place?” or “Will I fall into a room?” or

“Am I fallin to my death?”

I open my eyes an in front of me a room of people.

There young girls an a guy on a sofa on one wall.

Long couch with two adult females on other wall.

Two long tables with chairs on long end at the end of the room.

Room width wise was not very wide.

Long wise a lot bigger narrow room.

A nerdy guy standing in front,

“Sit down, So I can begin Orientation.”

I started to go toward the long couch across from the entrance I was

standing in.

Sat down, kinda glanced around with out to much notice.

A guy comes out of dust closet room,

“All Ready” He says,

Tall hippie like guy goes over to the young guy

that is goard out of his mind.

Hippie whispered something in his ear.

They both stand up go through the dust closet door.

Attention back to the nerdy guy up front,

Suddenly there people in this musty smellin room

with all girls at this moment.

Just as I sit silently an listen,

Nerdy guy talks an write on a magic board behind him.

Room falls to darkness once again,

Can't see anything at all.

Pure blackness of night.

Seem like endless minutes,

A faded light from the dusk closet room,

arises slowly through it.

As I look in front of me,

Bodies layed on the marble tile floor,

Naked-n-dead lookin.

In dead postions of double line,

In postions of some type of art canvous.

But, Dead Art.

Then whistle sound is blown.

All jumped up,

Thinkin to myself; “What the heck is this?”

“What the heck is goin on?”

So I leaned over to the big girl next to me,

Whispered; “What is goin on?”

She just looked at me with a blank stare,

Started gigglin.

One's got off the floor had stood these with a suit board.

Suit board is curved body shapes with leg holes.

Held the suit board in front of there bodies,

Arm stretched out in front of there bodies,

At the top of the suit board is a nap sack like pouch.

Poof like that is a flash of darkness once again.

Falls upon the room.

Loud computer generated voice like,

“1 min count down”

1 second strobe light start flashing rapidly,

Dull white to black darkness.

Rapidly at a steady pace.

The figures rub white chalk lines,

Glow in the dark lines under there eye's,

Like football players do for the games.

Start to wiggle there bodies forms,

Startin with there legs inserted in suit boards,

clingin like skin cover pretray a human form,

to the figures body.

Think to myself; 

“these are not normal humans.”

They start gatherin closer an closer.

Gigglin responses continues,

As these figures of unknown ,

Float above the floor ghostly like,

Swarming around me, towards me, over me.

Feelin claustrophobic closin in,

Intuition reflexs kick in to jump up.

Run at turbo strides speed towards the Hallways of Boxs entrance.

Runnin down Hallways of Boxs path,

Like a corn maze; panic start take effect.

“Dead end” to “Dead end” to “Dead end.”

Remind my self to calm down not to panic,

“Panic only uses more air”

Feelin of suffication takes over,

“Passin out will not help in this unknow situation”

Still hearin giggles from all directions.

Feelin I'm in a altered reality.

So far so good no “Dead ends”

“No Signs!” “No Clues”

Kinda slow down to jog through the Hallways of Boxs.

Then in a blink of eye,

Everthing vanshin before me.

Hallways of Boxs path vanshin behind me as I start to pace 

back into a full turbo run.

Hallways of Boxs like a dominos effect fallin

fast behind me.

Giggles continue all around me nothin visible is there to see.

I just keep runnin an repeatin,

“Let me out” Let me out”

“Let me out” “Let me out”

“Let me out” “Let me out”

I just keep runnin feels like forever,

I start thinkin; “I don't want be here no more”

Try to calm myself...with a prayer from God above.

I start see the Lady by the plexiglass door,

I came in at.

I go towards the plexiglass door,

The once Hallway of Boxs are no more.

I arrive to the plexiglass door,

Look at the Lady,

As I am bangin on the plexiglass door,

“Let me out”

“Let me out”

Lady look at me gigglin, says;

“15 more mins”

Darkness comes into my vision once again.

Countdown begins with a siren count down voice.

I just keep bangin on the plexiglass door,

“Let me out” “Let me out.”

over an over an over.

“Please let this end soon!”

As I continued to bang on the plexiglass door,

All of sudden into vision,

Vortex of  swarm like portal turns back into a glass slidin door,

opens in front of me.

Look at the Lady with snooty look,

“I changed my mind about this workin thing”

Stepped out on to the sidewalk.

Light glow from a light post shines on me.

With a deep breath of fresh air,

Feelin the sidewalk below my feet,

Great feelin of Relief,

As the glow of the light upon me.


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