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I deleted the pictures, 
But when I close my eyes I can see you.  
I deleted the messages, 
But your voice still lingers.

  I deleted the songs you liked
 From my playlist,
 Because I had many memories.  
All memories come back to me.  

I deleted your phone number, 
But the number got stuck in my head. 
 I wipe my tears alone 
When they never stop on my cheeks. 

 I also deleted the times 
When you smiled at me thinking about your ex.
  I avoided the coffe shop 
 Where we gave the first kiss.

 I also avoided the places 
Where we met many times. 
 But what I can't forget is your memory, 
Even if I delete everything from my agenda. 

 But what I can't forget
 Is the first day I met you,
 Even if I will be amnesic, 
I will remember about you.


  • Jul 13, 2020

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