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You came like a storm,
 You cut off my hands,
 You glared at me,
 I get paralyzed.

  I jumped deep, 
I kissed your bleeding lips, 
I didn't think it would be so hard
 To get you out of my blood.  

You came when I didn't expect it
 And you left just as fast,
 But I learned to move on, 
After many attempts. 

 You never asked me 
Why I shed cold tears, 
Why I didn't tell you 
About my dreams. 

From the beginning
 We were two strangers, 
Breathing the same air
In common.  

"I have always loved you", 
It is a lie that I have heard many times before,
 Breaking my heart 
Into unequal pieces.  

You leave like a storm 
That broke my bones, 
You leave and I know 
You will never return.


  • Jul 13, 2020

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