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So you know how they say "Don't Judge?" Well, I'm going to teach you what my Father taught me about why we judge by "Nature." 
For Starters, when you judge what you don't know, you shall get to know. Why? So next time you see someone you judged without knowing, you will be more understanding of them. 
Secondly, why is it in our NATURE to JUDGE? That my dears is part of your natural given animal instincts within you that is also a warning sign of who or what to get away from cause they mean you harm. If we all started listening to these natural born instincts you will rise above negative situations and people who bring you down. The reason the churches say don't judge is because of the first reason, but it also controls them natural instincts within we all got and keeps us under their SPELLS and HYPNOTISM. How do I know ALL THIS? My Father taught me, then led me to research it too.


  • Tammy Carr

    Tammy Carr

    Did you know the - is the negative replies your phone hears even if you don't give me a star? I did a research on that too. there is no privacy rights in the USA and those who listen in know they don't need a warrant to do this.

    Jul 14, 2020

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