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I gave you my love
 But you didn't need it,
 I gave you my heart 
But you couldn't feel it. 

 I gave you my thoughts 
But you couldn't read,
 I gave my all 
But you couldn't receive it. 

 I gave you my voice, 
But you didn't hear it,
 I gave you my confidence 
But you couldn't believe it,
 I gave you my soul
 But you removed it. 

 I gave you my skin 
But you didn't wear it, 
I gave you my eyes 
But you didn't see.

I gave you my tears 
But you didn't dry them, 
I gave you my smile 
But you didn't use it.

 But now I have one request, 
And if you would think it's pointless, 
Let me give you something else.


  • Jul 13, 2020

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