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The rain that falls,
 The wind that blows, 
The sun that hides,
 Bring up our hearts.  

Life goes on, 
The city lights are on,
 Sometimes we need a break
 Just to live our dreams.  

The sky is burning,
 The tears are falling, 
Love is running,
 My blood it's drying. 

 The falling rain wipes everything, 
The traces of your lips
 I will guide them to a better place. 

 I wish I knew I wouldn't be alone now,
 But the storm will erase even your footsteps. 

 The night covers our eyes, 
The cold stings our bones, 
And the wind will erase 
Our permanent promises.  

Walls grow over us,
 Rains fall over our hearts,
Time will break 
And we do not know how to stop.


  • Jul 13, 2020

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