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Spending most time alone can be considered both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it gets to the point where the silence starts to speak to you, and then you truly realize, you're alone. Completely alone. You hear whispers in the silence of the room because there is nobody else to hear them from. Some people will find this depressing, while others, such as myself, find it peaceful. Being in a quiet room by myself allows me to remember all of the small, beautiful things, as well as the sad, not so beautiful things. I turn these memories into words. They are my inspiration. Being alone opens up your imagination to many things. I find the best moments in life are within the peace and quiet. I feel that I can do anything when I'm alone. Write about anything and everything. I can sing, dance, anything I wish to do, I can do when I'm alone. Try it. Transform it. And write about it.


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