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So we figured it out
And also assumed half our history
We have both been weaving
In and out of each other lives
Before the Universe went under construction
In this life and in another
We are always lovers
Every world had its own take
It's own take on creation
Different planets
Different people's
Different civilizations
But before this world began
We've been meeting
Before anyone could see
I've been loving you
Before there was dark and light
I could see you
I remember every encounter
Like the next
Every lifetime together
A sweet dream of yesterday
I hold on to you
With all my strength
Because you're precious to me
An irreplaceable treasure
After a while I miss you
So I awake
Or I'm reborn again
Because I need to find you
Then you come into view
And I'm in love again
It's good to see you one more time
It's always you
Because I wished
You'd forever be mine
Strange shawdow of evening
Makes you fade
Strange silence of loneliness
Waiting for you to speak
Your love is the best gift I receive
You're the one I'll always need
Kiss me goodnight and goodbye
Before the sunsets
And slowly walk away
Leave me wanting you more
Love me & leave me
Hoping that when tomorrow comes
You find your way back to me
In a different time
On a different world
In a bright hopeful future
Lost in a warm tranquil blissful paradise
A universe under construction
Built upon a dream.


  • Jul 13, 2020

  • strangely sweet, sweetly strange, think I better get some sleep 😴😴 Zzz z

    Jul 13, 2020

  • 💜

    Jul 13, 2020

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